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江南古镇朱家角 ? Get-in
By Bus
The most affordable way to get to Zhujiajiao is to take a bus from the bus station at the Puanlu(Chinese: 普安路)bus station near People's Square in Shanghai.

Make sure you take the bus line called Hùzhū Gāosù Kuàixiàn (Chinese: 沪朱高速快线) - they usually use pink busses. This should take around 1 hour and the fare is about 12 yuan.

There are other bus lines, but they can sometimes take up to 2 hours. Don't worry about where to get off, Zhujiajiao is the end terminal. Also, make sure you don't miss the last bus back to Puanlu, which departs at about 9 PM.
By Taxi
You can get both to and from Zhujiajiao by taxi, but it will usually set you back between 150-200 yuan.
By Metro
Line 17 Zhujiajue station
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